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Stephan Conter, founder and CEO of the Stephex Group, likes to surprise, enthral, and most of all, do things differently. His business has undergone numerous reincarnations, from horse trading to food trucks, via horsetrucks, luxury motorhomes and 5* international equestrian event organization.

The story began in 1986 when Stephan Conter decided to start a small trading stables. Initially located in Londerzeel, he moved to Meise a year later, to a 5-hectare equestrian complex that he would subsequently enlarge. By then, Stephex was selling over 1,200 jumping horses a year around the world.

And Stephan was keen for a new project. So in 2005, he launched his own horse truck construction company, a major turning point, as today, Stephex Horsetrucks is the uncontested European leader within the field, with several brands to its name: STX Horseboxes and STX 2 Horses, Equix, AKX and Ketterer. In order to break out of this niche market and win over new clients, he decided to channel this know-how into creating motorhomes and a line of food trucks using his best-known brand, STX.

In 2015, Stephan Conter entered the equestrian international competition circuit by organising two 5* events – Knokke Hippique and the Brussels Stephex Masters – as part of a unique concept. He does not intend to stop there.

As the Stephex philosophy says: “Dreaming without action is meaningless!”

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Statistics about the Stephex Group

26 horsetruck models
+400 dedicated team members
650 yearly show jumping participations
worldwide dealer network
75 countries horses sold to
great & fast support

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Technieker vrachtwagens - motorhomes
Commercial sales responsible STX2Horses
Marketing & Communication responsible
Stable Manager
Administrative Sales Assistant
Grooms and Riders
Technical graduates & industrial engineers
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